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Best Double Strollers to Buy 2021

All parents will tell you the same remarkable things about having a baby. The joy of a new life, all of the first instants and discoveries are so much fun, and double the fun if you occur to have twins!!! Along with the good, there is certainly the not so good that comes from having two little ones to lug around whether its twins or a toddler and a newborn. It can be tough to stay it all together without losing your mind. So, you can buy Double Strollers for your twins.

Stroller designers today look to have a lot of the kinks worked out for busy parents who do plenty of outings with the kids. There are a variety of different body styles and endless qualities available on double strollers that can frequently adjust and grow with your family’s needs. Gone are the days of heavy and discomfited strollers that were more of a hassle only to get set up or packed in the car, than they were convenient for the children.

Lightweight materials and clever designs are the trends today along with soothing and ease of transport for busy parents.

Being able to find the kids out of the house is essential for most families, particularly if you want to keep your sanity, but without the proper equipment, the harassment can be more than it’s worth. There is a safe double stroller for only about everything these days. Whether you have twins or two toddlers some choices are just right for you. If you like to jog, go camping or hiking or still just enjoy the joys of city living with some shopping at the mall, the newest flexible pushchairs have just about everything you require to make your trip easier. Except maybe an additional set of hands.

Features to Consider in Good Double Strollers

Stroller producers are taking account of the busy lifestyles of modern families and are reflecting those alter in their new designs and endless configuration choices that are available in many products. Having products available that truly reflect the effort that is parenthood is a huge advantage for twin parents that previously have their hands full.

With so many choices on the market today, it can be a tall task to figure out precisely what type of stroller that will meet your needs. While you are shopping around, try to remain a few of these basics in mind to help you narrow down your options.

  • How frequently do you anticipate using your double stroller?
  • What amount of room do you have in your vehicle for storage?
  • What types of outings are you classically planning?
  • Price range?
  • Is warranty available?

With so many choices to mull over, the average parents of two little ones don’t have the time or energy to do hours of research online to locate out all the details about diverse products. We have done some of the leg work for your busy mommies and daddies below by reviewing 10 of the best double strollers in 2021 available.

Top 10 Best Double Strollers for Your Family 2021 


1.Britax B-Lively Double Stroller

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

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Why we love this

A rigid easy frame that will last, large storage bin, and great maneuverability.


This fixed-seat Double Strollers from Britax is built with tough and lightweight aluminum making it easy to handle and lift as folded for quick storage without the strain. All suspension front wheels and large rear tires create this model a dream to maneuver with simply a gentle push. The hand parking brake is connected to both rear wheels to give extra safety while stopping.

The convenient Click & Go adapter works with the Britax Chaperone or any B-Safe car seat models to create the transition from vehicle to stroller quick and easy. Once the kids are a bit older you can feel safe securing them with a 5 point harness that has a one-touch release that permits you to lift the kid out with ease and a minimum of fuss.


Each seat has its own independent and adaptable sun and rain canopy with a peek a boo window in the rear so that parents can remain an eye on the action at all times. Fabrics completed from woven nylon blended materials provide a comfortable and tough ride that is easy to clean up with a quick wipe down.

This pushchair features a fast-fold down system and an auto-lock to keep it all in place as storing. It also arrives with a towing and lifting handle loop for lifting into the car. There is no require to worry about accidental damage as folding this unit as it stands balanced on its own after collapsing.

There is lots of storage in the undercarriage sling for all of your bags, toys, and individual items. Each seat has its slot pocket in the back for additional storage if required. The push arm is fully adjustable to three heights so that parents are comfortable still during those long trips.

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  • Weighs: 12.7 kg
  • 2 Color options: Red or Black
  • Birth to 27 kg weight limit
  • Open: 77.5cm x 100cm x 101cm
  • Closed: 77cm x 33cm x 77.5cm
  • Double front suspension
  • High-class fabrics
  • Fast fold down system
  • Mid/high-level pricing
  • One configuration only
  • Not all car seats are friendly

2.Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller

Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller

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Why we love this

Oversized wheels= comfort ride, raises with the kid, and one Hand pushing.


This versatile Bugaboo stroller is intended to grow with your family. Whether you have one kid, twins or a toddler and a baby, this is the solution for you. With only a few simple clicks, it can transform from an only pushcart to a tandem double and back again.

Compatible with roughly all car seat brands, you can configure the seats to face you, face forward, or have the children face each other for a neat ride for everyone.


The oversized wheels are all independently suspended to provide tight turning and easy maneuvering. The slim design lets you go through any doorway or tight space without the terror of getting stuck. The tires are made from stretchy foam and are safe for any type of surface without damage.

Each seat has a detachable and adjustable SPF 50+ canopy to keep the tender skin of your little ones safe from the heat and damaging sunlight. The seats sit higher than average on this stroller to lift your children higher towards you for best interaction experiences.

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Safety Aspects

The aluminum chassis is light as air and gives ample undercarriage storage for all your baby traveling requires. The adjustable height push handle moves with only a click and houses a hand release wheel brake for quick access when stopping.

If you are thinking about expanding your family, this is a great option that will grow with your requirements. The 5-point quick-release harness system and available removable armbar will keep your precious cargo safe and in place no issue where your travels take you.

  • Weighs: 15.3 kgs
  • Birth to 16kg per seat
  • Colors: Red/Black
  • Open: 92cm x 74cm x 24cm
  • Closed: 91cm x 60cm x 24cm
  • Ample storage room
  • Many configuration styles
  • High seat position
  • High-end pricing
  • Changing settings can be tough
  • Faintly heavier model

3.Graco Ready 2 Grow Double Stroller

Graco Ready 2 Grow Double Stroller

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Why we love this

Multiple obtainable configurations snack & drink tray, and huge baggage storage.


This unique double Graco stroller believes two Graco SnugRide Click Connect baby Car Seats with one click making it a dream for transporting twins. This is one of the most versatile models obtainable with 12 different configuration positions to move and contentedly accommodate a growing family.

The removable and adjustable rear Facetime seat permits the parents to have more interaction with the infant’s right in front of you just a touch away. The rear seat can be taken out like your kids grow and replaced with a mounted Access Bench or Standing Platform for older children to ride. Both seats are completely reclinable for sleeping babies or toddlers to get some rest in the best and most comfy position.


Each Double Strollers comes with adjustable sun canopies, a detachable kid tray that holds toys, snacks or drinking cups to remove spilling and to keep the kids safe and in place. The front seat is equipped with a quietly padded 5 points locking security harness with a fast release latch.

This lightweight model moves like a dream with just one hand navigation on an aluminum frame with completely suspended double front wheel movement. The front double lock holds this unit in place securely whenever you need to stop.

Packing up and storing absent couldn’t be easier with the one hand collapsing folding mechanism that allows you to speedily store your stroller in a flash without any fuss. The push arm has four soothe pushing positions to adapt to any height and the additional large undercarriage storage is roomy sufficient for all of your packages and bags.

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  • Weighs: 15 kgs
  • Colors:Black/grey
  • Front Seat: Up to 22 kgs
  • Rear Seat: Up to 18 kgs
  • Open: 107cm x 60cm x 114 cm
  • Closed: 53cm x 133cm x 60cm
  • One-hand folding
  • Grows with relations
  • Double wheel locks
  • Mid-weight chassis
  • Just takes Graco car seats
  • Padded harness

4.Phil & Teds Dash Inline Double Stroller

Phil & Teds Dash Inline Double Stroller

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Why we love this

Very lightweight, several configurations choices, and fits any car seat.


This Double Strollers from Phil & Ted’s is huge for the family on the go. With its ultra-lightweight framing and unique 4 options set up it ideal for your growing and changing requires.

The bottom seat can accommodate any car seat for a child facing forward or you can have a car seat up top for a single stroller choice. The super large front seat has multi reclining positions with a lay-flat option for napping soothe. The seats can be positioned in tandem facing the world or facing the parents for additional interaction time.


With one tick, this Inline Phil & Teds stroller can be folded up and remain free-standing while you find the kids unpacked with no worries. The single front wheel gave outstanding maneuverability and the oversized tyres are made from Aeromax Puncture Proof materials thus there is no terrain that it can’t handle.

Vital features contain the padded 5 points padded harness system in the front seat with an extra-large oversized canopy for maximum protection for the kids. There is also contained back screening that keeps the bugs out as still letting parents keep an eye on things with ease. The front seat has flip-out leg support for older kids and the canopy has particularly designed side pockets that have a unique headphone jack for listening to your pet tunes.

  • Weighs: 11.5 kgs
  • Colors: Grey/blue or grey/pink
  • Safe from birth to 20 kgs
  • Open: 64cm x 114cm x 150cm
  • Lots of storage
  • Loads of particular features
  • Large canopy coverage
  • Twin seating could be crowded
  • 20kg weight limit
  • Light colors can show wear

5.Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller

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Why we love this

Fast set up and fold down, moves like a dream, and fully padded seats.


This aluminum framed frivolous side by side Baby Jogger stroller is ideal for the growing family. It simply fits through doorways allowing you to go anywhere without a hassle.

The plush padded seats are reclinable to four dissimilar positions and both have the 5-point fast release safety harness to stay the kids in place.

The generous SPF 50+ canopies are separately adjustable and have a detachable back mesh panel for increased airflow. The top back see during windows allow parents to keep a close eye on the action without stopping. There is lots of storage underneath the carriage in the tough and breathable stowaway area large adequate for all of the baby’s toys and bags.


The pivoting fully suspended front tires move naturally on most terrain and the Baby Jogger Mini stroller can frequently be pushed with just one hand. The front-wheel lock works on both wheels for a safe stopping position.

With the patented Quick-Fold technology it just takes one hand and a fraction of a moment to acquire things packed up and ready to go. This independently standing folded Double Strollers is solid enough to fit into smaller vehicles or storage compartments.

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  • Weighs: 13 kgs
  • Colors: Slate grey, black, red, blue
  • Safe from birth to 45kgs combined
  • Open: 123cm x 110.5cm x 76.5cm
  • Easy and fast folding
  • Large sun-safe canopies
  • Double locking wheels
  • Heavy
  • Face forward only
  • Not plenty of storage space

6.Out N’ About Nipper Sport Double Stroller

Out N’ About Nipper Sport Double Stroller

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Why we love this

Super light and solid, puncture-proof tires, and wheel release for storing.


This double jogger stroller from Out N’ about is perfect for an active lifestyle with your kids. Whether you are a regular runner or just trying to stay in shape after a pregnancy, it can move with you like a dream.

The 16” swivel front wheel can rotate 360 degrees for the last ease of movement. Each of the pneumatic tires is puncture-proof and appropriate for nearly any kind of surface in the city or off-road. The rear wheels have independent suspension to make sure tight handling. There is a convenient hand brake on the push bar which is also wholly adjustable to your optimum height.


The comfortable padded seat liners are detachable for easy cleaning and come with a 5 point fast release harness. The large sun canopies are retractable and each has a large storage pocket on the side for personal items.

This Double Strollers is made for an active lifestyle and will produce and adjust right along with your children. Both seats are independently reclinable to a completely flat position for sleeping. A liftable armbar keeps little ones snuggly in place and secure on your travels.

The narrow design allows you to go anywhere you require to including throughout standard doorways where you once may have had trouble with older larger models. The one-click folding system stays your hands-free and makes for fast set up, fold down and storage. The wheels also have a fast release feature allowing you to remove them for a less bulky storage option.

  • Weighs: 11.5 kgs
  • Colors:Black, Lime, Red, Blue, Purple
  • Secure from birth to 22 kgs per seat
  • Open: 72cm x 98cm x 137cm
  • Closed: 72cm x 63cm x 98cm
  • Lightweight
  • Great maneuverability
  • Comfy seating
  • Forward-facing only
  • No car seat option
  • Bulky when closed

7.Baby Trend Double Sit & Stand Stroller

Baby Trend Double Sit & Stand Stroller

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Why we love this

lots of configurations can accommodate older kids and one-hand folding.


This durable aluminum framed Baby Trend stroller is perfect for families with infants, toddlers or still twins. This model is accepting of many varieties of car seats and the rear seat is detachable to allow older children to ride on the platform if they decide.

Seats can be attuned to either have a world view or be parenting facing for more face time interaction. Separately adjustable from a straight upright position to fully laying down, both children can be comfy at any time.


The Double Strollers swivel front wheels proffer premium handling and a smooth ride often just needing to be pushed with one hand. Both seats arrive with swing-away tray and cup holders for snacks and toys. Still, the parents have a detachable parent organizer in the rear with cup holders and spots for phones and keys.


The breathable fabric seat covers are removable for simple cleaning and made from durable nylon and polyester fabrics in different color combinations to outfit any family. The under the seat large storage area and the hanging basket has lots of room for all of your babies essentials as well as packages or individual belongings.

Using a patented fold-away design, this stroller can one hand break down and stands steadily on its own when it collapsed. The narrow design allows it to fit simply into smaller vehicle spaces and storage closets with ease. The tandem style lets you fit through any standard doorway or other little spaces like restaurants, department stores, or escalators without trouble. Your family will be able to use this Sit & Stand Baby Trend Stroller for years as your kids grow from infants right up to young children.

  • Weighs: 15.4 kgs
  • Colors: Black, Lime, Purple, Grey
  • Secure from birth to 36 mths
  • Open: 54cm x 125cm x 109cm
  • Narrow intend
  • Multiple seating options
  • Removable seat liners
  • Heavy
  • Too many moving parts
  • Bulky

8.Joie Aire Twin Stroller

Joie Aire Twin Stroller

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Why we love this

Medium range price, fast and easy setup and great for quick trips with no fuss.


This lightweight Joie Aire stroller is constructed on a strong aluminum chassis making it simple to handle and carry. It features individual side by side seats that are each completely adjustable depending on the most comfortable position for each child. Each seat comes with an easy to clean reversible seat liner in your option of black, pink, or blue. The seat covers are made of a nylon/cotton blended fabric making it not just simple to clean up spills and stains, but breathable next to a youngster’s soft skin.


Both front and rear wheels have full suspension giving it a stiff turning radius and a smooth ride that can be directed using just one hand. Its slim design makes it capable of fitting simply through any standard door frame lacking any limits to where you can go with ease. There is a convenient single-step brake on the rear tires to confirm that the stroller stays securely in place when needed.


The ultra-light framing and construction lets for one-handed folding and stand independently as closed. It folds flat for convenient and simple storage in almost any sized vehicle or closet. There is no requirement to fear with the parking lot resists of the past with this fast and easy collapsible product that permits you to focus on the kids instead of the Double Strollers.

Each seat has its own SPF 50+ sunscreen that is completely adjustable as well as retractable to protect small ones from the heat of the sun. At the rear of the hoods, there is a see-through window that lets the parent stay on eyes on what’s going on inside or to monitor sleeping babies.

Safety Aspects

There is a great focus on keeping your kids secure with this stroller as it features padded 5 point security harnesses on each seat as well as a retractable pivoting armbar that will stay the kids in place and secure.

For Mom’s and Dad’s, there is an adaptable push bar to fit each pusher contentedly with just one click. Store all of your shopping, diaper bags and personal items in the storage bin beneath the seats for simple access. There are as well side storage pockets along each seat side for extra room.

  • Weighs: 11.8 kg
  • Birth to 15kg per seat
  • Open: 80.5cm x 76cm x 102 cm
  • Closed: 78cm x 30.5cm x 98.5cm
  • Solid black. Pink/blue seat cover
  • Affordable
  • Simple to store
  • Stand-alone folding system
  • Not a lot of storage space
  • Few configuration options
  • Limited color options

9.Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

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Why we love this

Reasonable for most families, lightweight aluminum chassis, and comes with rain cover.


This side by side Double Strollers from Chicco folds down good and small with a one-touch action and comes with a simple pull carrying handle and included rain cover.

The two separate canopies are both adaptable and have added rear canopy flaps that can zip off for additional airflow when necessary. Both seats have 4 adaptable positions from upright to laying flat for snoozing comfort. Padded leg rests are also variable to accommodate growing babies.

The removable seat covers are made of a tough mesh and nylon blend that are simple to clean spills from with some soapy water and a sponge. Also contained is a roomy mesh carry basket beneath the carriage for lots of room for baby’s toys and diaper bags.


The dual front wheels have independent locking suspension to create this stroller easy to handle with a taut turning radius. The five-point harness keeps the children safe and secure and released with just one touch for easy access.

The fold fast mechanism permits you to close up the Chicco Twin stroller with one hand and it will stand on its individual once folded. Once closed the stroller is compact making transport and storage easy for one person in any size vehicle.

  • Weighs: 13.8 kgs
  • Colors: Charcoal
  • Secure from birth to 17 kgs
  • Open: 85cm x 78cm x 105.5cm
  • Closed: 104cm x 35.5cm x 38cm
  • Low/mid-level pricing
  • Dual front locking
  • Very compact
  • Not for rough surface use
  • One-color choice
  • One seating configuration

10.Peg Perego Pliko Mini Twin Stroller

Peg Perego Pliko Mini Twin Stroller

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Why we love this

Lightweight, many storage space, and adjustable footrests.


This ultra-light aluminum-framed stroller from Pliko is huge for the growing family. The fast-fold mechanism comes with an integrated pull handle that assists the fold down with one hand. The handle can also be used for towing or copying the folded stroller once it is in its free-standing position.


The ball bearing front wheels proffer swivel and straight mode for easy pushing that only needs one hand to keep things moving. The rear tire one-step brake is joined to both sides giving this Peg Perego stroller secure and secure stopping power to keep your mind at ease.


Both seats are separately adjustable to fit the soothe of each child depending on how they would like to sit. Both seats sport tough nylon/polyester fabrics that are removable to make clean up completely suitable. The weather hoods are both retractable and have nylon mess backings to keep the air flowing and permit parents to be able to see their little ones at all times.

There is a further large storage basket located under the carriage that is roomy sufficient to carry all of your family’s travel accessories. The person push handles are all adjustable to accommodate the comfiest height for each person.

As your children grow, the 5 point fast release safety harness systems can be fully expanded and remain safe. The footrests also can be moved up or down to stay up with those growing legs and feet.


  • Weighs: 11 kgs
  • Colors: Yellow, Pink, Black
  • Secure from 6 mths to 20 kgs per seat
  • Open: 85.5cm x 76.8cm x 102cm
  • Closed: 97cm x 53.5cm x 48cm
  • Fast setup and close
  • Great for airport/travel
  • Removable linings
  • No car seat option
  • Front-facing only
  • Not for Childs

Essential Guide To Buying The Best Double Strollers

The thinking of all of the infant and baby equipment that your average household requires is enough to send any new or expecting parent into a panic. You want to confirm that whatever you purchase is of the best quality, at a price that won’t break the bank and certainly something with the very best safety ratings. It’s no dissimilar when trying to choose a new double stroller.

Whether you are shopping since you are expecting twins or because a second child is arriving soon after your first, there can be a million questions running around in parents’ heads about what is the correct pushchair to choose.

There are many things to think about when shopping for a double stroller for your expanding family. Not only is this a piece of precious equipment for getting your family out of the house, but it will be a little that you will be using for years to come. It is significant to know the basics to start.

Finding out what the different choices are is a valuable tool when in search of the right match for your family and your lifestyle.

You should start by taking into consideration precisely what the family dynamic is as far as your children and what their requirements will be over the next some years. If your children are close together in age they could benefit from a completely different configuration design then say a stroller that is better for twins.

Kinds of activities

Thinking about what kinds of activities your family will be involved in is another vital aspect of being able to narrow down your choices and deciding just exactly what is accurate for you. If you are short on space or travel often you may consider a more compact model that is better suited for taut spaces and airport travel and flying. If you are an athletic and adventurous family, you may desire to think about a sporty jogger style for your outings that will allow you to simply move around on any terrain.

The most important thing is that you are ahead of your options and don’t feel pinned down to only a few options. Many Double Strollers models have done a great job of making their equipment flexible with many different possible configurations and extras that will let you use just one stroller for some years.

As with any investment in your family, it is a big choice so you want to make sure that you have all the basic information at a look to help you through this process. There are some different model styles that it is very important to know the differences between and what their strength is as it relates to what your family requires. Nearly every brand has endless add on accessories to make your product more flexible, but let’s just start with the essentials to get you going. Buying a stroller can be an expensive task so it’s vital to get something that not only works for your family but also your budget.

Side-by-Side Stroller

These models are perfect not only for twins but for two children that are close in age. Mainly designers have adopted a slimmer shape that eliminates some of the difficulties of the past like getting through doorways and smaller spaces.

Side by Side models usually have seating that can be individually adjusted to fit the comfort of each child, but hardly ever have the choice to have the seats facing any direction except forward. Being able to have the children sitting next to each other can be convenient and eliminate fighting over the “good spot” when they get slightly older.

These models are known to be simple to maneuver as well as able to be pushed lightly with just one hand. They suggest larger storage areas under the carriage as well as tending to have canopies with faintly more coverage than the tandem models.

Tandem Strollers

With the tandem style stroller, the seats are either placed straight behind one another or in stadium fashion configuration. Most of these models do offer more choices for seating configurations. You may have an option of the world facing, parent facing or the kids facing one another in your seating arrangement.

Due to the long length of these models, they are not as smooth and easy to maneuver around taut spaces. They are best for straighter stretches on the sidewalk or path because opposed to trying to move around in the shops. They do, though, give you a Double Strollers that is the same width as a single model but with room for two which can be useful. The protective canopies are usually different sizes as well but still provide ample and safe coverage.

Tandems are liable to weigh a bit more than the side by side models simply due to the different framing designs. Most brands come with a simple folding system that still makes it a breeze to fold up and store away with very little hassle.

Though some tandem strollers can accept two car seats, most models only accept one in the rear spot leaving the front seat obtainable for a toddler.

Some models let you remove the rear seat completely and add on a riding platform so that an older kid can stand in front of the parent to ride.

Double Umbrella Strollers

This is a solid and ultra-light version of the larger Side by Side stroller version. It is preferably meant for traveling, flights, and the odd fast trip to the shops. It folds down in one movement and can fit into very limited spaces for storage. They are usually for light use and do not always support a baby seat attachment.

All-Terrain Heavy Duty Strollers

These models are suggested for families that are constantly on the go. If you expect using your stroller daily, it may be in your best interest to invest in this type of model that can take a beating.j

You will usually find that these models come with larger wheel sizes, strong fabrics (although the color range may be limited) and are have a heavier caliber framing chassis. If you are continually on the go or you need something for different kinds of terrain, a heavier duty choice may be more practical for you.

These Double Strollers are a bit bulkier and heavier but yet all collapse down to a much handier package for stowing away. There may not be as many available accessories or possible bells and whistles for these models, but they get the job done and they are built to last.

Jogging Strollers

These strollers are a match made in paradise for the athletic parent or only regular moms that are trying to get back into shape after a long nine-month pregnancy. The frame fashion is similar to the side-by-side models with the seats next to each other, but this version is extremely slimmed down to the basics.

All the same safety features apply, but the extras are quite limited. With larger pierce proof rear wheels and a single pivoting front wheel, they give the best in maneuverability and soft riding.

These are great for the active parent, though, they rarely supply any storage rack or pockets so they are truly only ideal for shorter trips or being out for a quick jog.

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