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When you become a first-time parent of twins or welcoming a second child, choosing the exact double stroller can feel awesome. The sheer number of choices is enough to create anyone dizzy (or see double). The Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller is an accepted pick due to its many configurations. With possible seats, bassinets, and car seat adapters, the City Select lets you customize the stroller along with your growing family’s needs. You can break in a car seat to make it into a travel system, put in a second seat for a double stroller, or pop in a glider plank for an older child.

City Select Double Stroller Reviews 2021

City Select Double StrollersBaby Jogger City Select Stroller

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  • Pneumatic tires give a soft ride over all kinds of terrain
  • A telescoping handlebar creates it simple to switch between caregivers
  • every seat boasts an adaptable recline and features a 45-lb ability
  • The multi-position footwell aids keep kids of all ages comfy
  • A broad UV 50+ canopy with a peek-a-boo window and magnetic closure allows you quietly test on your little one
  • It is Self-folding
  • Flexibility for growing families
  • it has a Hand-operated brake
  • comes with a Stylish design
  • provide Exceptional customer service
  • Everything is sold individually
  • Heavy frame

From its modest beginnings in 1984, Baby Jogger started with two father’s goal of jogging with their babies. With no jogging products in the shop, the dads created the first stroller intended to jog with. The company proffers multiple strollers for activities except jogging, and in 2015, it was got by the Newell Rubbermaid Company.

Performance Comparison

Ease of Use

The City Select Double Stroller is simple to use than the average choice in this review. Ease of use concerns your everyday experience using the stroller and making it a vital metric.

Fold and Unfold

Folding needs the removal of the stern seat, which leaves you carrying two parts, a diaper bag? Folding is hard requiring two hands, a manual lock, five steps, and no self-stand. You must lie down the remaining seat and curve to the ground to fold and connect the lock (which hurt testers’ fingers). It needs lifting the product off the ground to fold, and the free on our stroller was sticky. Since it is heavy, we had difficulty lifting the sides to fold, and it felt gauche getting it to fold over. Unfolding the stroller is yet worse. You’ll once again be bending to free the firm to use the lock and to lift the sides.


This city Select double stroller has a hand-operated parking brake, not like the slowing brake on a few jogging strollers. It is an only action brake that sits on the right side of the frame. It is simple to use, but it can touch your hand when you release it. We didn’t use this, but it might get repeated use before the paranoia goes away. This brake needs dexterity and finger strength.


This stroller is one of the few inline double strollers that don’t attach the second passenger in the storage bin, and for that we thank it. The bin stays available no matter how many seats you use or what their arrangement. The basket is large with a 15 lb weight payment, and we fit our extra-large diaper bag inside. It has simple access from the back, sides, and top, and the back unzips for bigger or awkward shaped items. The form of the frame and basket make it tough to fit as much inside as the UPPAbaby bins.

This city select stroller also has mesh pockets with flexible tops on the back of every standard seat. Each pocket can hold about a pound. The pockets can bear water bottles, bottles, or sippy cups.


The canopies on both seats are the same. Each can be attuned for height with how far it rotates forward, and they have vinyl and mesh peek-a-boo windows with attractive closures. The canopies are average in size and have pop-out visors on the front. These canopies have ventilation and are UV 50+. The peek-a-boo window on each is almost impossible to see throughout with the mesh, and we aren’t confident what the point of the mesh is as the window is vinyl.


Especially, the seats have a 5-point harness and the same buckle and height adjustment too. The harness is extremely easy to put on, a little harder to take off, and okay to adjust. The shoulder strap height variety has three positions with an adaptable crotch strap with one location. The rethread system needs to put one hand down the back of the zippered access panel on the seat, which could be difficult for those with larger hands. The buckle is simple to use, but the parts don’t “spring” out when you press the button, you’ll require removing each strap.

Seats of Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller
Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller
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Unlike some of the opposition, this stroller has stadium seats as different to the second seat under the major seat inside the storage bin. This intends to retain the use of the storage bin and provides alike experience to both passengers. The seats simply click into place with side adapters and can be moved rapidly. Both have adaptable leg rests and recline qualities with the same adjustability.

The foot and leg rest regulates in length and angle. They are not padded, but the seat cloth rolls over the edge for soothe. The rests are wide with tough fabric that seems like it will wear well and be simple to clean.

Both seats proffer a one-handed recline operation that is easy and simple to use. The seats recline to roughly the same angle, but the angle is restricted when both seats face forward since the front seat would collide with the rear seat when reclined too distant.

Ease of Setup

The City Select Double Stroller is simple to set up compared to much of the competition in this review. See this video for easy setup.



The Select is faintly better than average for the simplicity of pushing and turning. Being capable of maneuver a big stroller can be the main factor in enjoying a stroller or wanting to put it in the nearest dumpster.

As the Select is not hard to push, the longer length makes it tougher to control and turn. It also means you require planning your next move. It doesn’t stop or turn on a dime, but it is more convenient than some of the tandem strollers with artificial wheels. this product rolls amazingly well over most surfaces, performing sensibly well on grass and gravel. Pushing gets tougher the more weight it includes, so pushing babies will be easier than kids pushing the weight capacity of the seats.

The longer handle aids it maneuvers up and down curbs, but the grave front weight makes the method a little out of control.

Weight and Folded Size

The City Select is one of the heaviest strollers in this review at 37.8 lbs, but it handles to fold fairly small at 16,084 cubic inches. The Select is grave, but its smaller size creates it easier to lift and fit into model-size trunks spaces. Though, it is doubtful that many parents will desire to lift and bear this stroller folded for any real distance.


The Select scored higher than regular for feature, proving that Baby Jogger can jog with the big dogs when it comes to class.

The fabric is similar to choices but isn’t as smooth to touch. While it is thick and feels tough, it also senses like it will chafe subtle skin. The padding on the seats isn’t as substantial as that on the likewise styled competition. The sunshade and the seats are the same canvas, which is too serious for the shade and seems frumpy. The fabric is smoother and more breathable than that on other Baby Joggers, but debatably not as easy to clean. The basket has a bottom of the tough canvas with flexible mesh sides.

The frame on the Select feels strong and durable, but the general look of the fabric on the frame is lacking. The Select doesn’t seem as complete and polished in the fit and end department as the competition.

The handlebar regulates with the telescoping method we favor. Unluckily, the height range is only about 2 inches making the adjustability almost ineffective considering the competition varieties up to 8 inches. The bar itself doesn’t feel huge and has a rubber material cover with channels that run the length of the bar, with a plastic part in the center for height adjustment. The handle is thin making it painful to use.

This city Select double stroller has 8-inch plastic front wheels and 12-inch rubber foam full tires on the back. It only has deferral on the front wheels, and the seat jiggles considerably when strolling. So as we feel the larger tires and front suspension might aid smooth the ride, we believe it would be better with four-wheel suspension and no plastic tires.


This Select accepts two infant car seats making it beautiful to parents of twins. It accepts diverse brands and works in a range of seating configurations. Both standard seats are similar to the same features and functionality. We suspect that twins or siblings will be capable of avoiding a fight on who finds to sit where. It is one of the few choices that accept two car seats without requiring an exact brand.

The Verdict

Though the City Select arrives with a hefty price tag, its seating elasticity and durability intend to mean you’ll get years of use out of it. We also like that the stroller works with almost any brand of infant car seat with an adapter and that the company prides itself on class customer service. The Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller is a great choice for parents seeking a single stroller that can grow with their family.


Do I need a double stroller?

You just do not need a double stroller if you go to and from daycare by car from Monday to Friday. For long days out, you could get by with other choices such as shoulders, carrying the younger kid in a carrier or getting the older kid in some sort of drive or trip on a vehicle/toy like a kick scooter.

How do I choose a stroller?

Look for models that offer a flat recline or bassinet connection while you are trying to bring an infant into the stroller. Bringing together all of the bits. Look at the safety scores for the car seat, if you are looking to buy a travel device, to see how the car seat attaches to the stroller.

Is it worth buying a double stroller?

If you have children next to each other, you’ll need a double stroller. … But after three years of using a cheap stroller, talking to lots of moms who have great double strollers, and actually having a nice one of my own, I can assure you that investing more money on a good double stroller is completely worth it.

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