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Having all the right equipment for your package of joy is important if you desire to make life easier. When it comes to travel, this is even more vital. Finally, how are you supposed to enjoy your travel adventure if you’re continually juggling with the wrong travel stroller, the wrong bed, and the wrong everything? Put easily, you can’t! For that cause, making sure you get all the right kids to gear for your travels is very important. One piece of equipment that will serve you for much extra than just travel is an Umbrella Stroller For Travel for infant travel.

What Is An Umbrella Travel Stroller?

An umbrella stroller doesn’t have anything to do with an umbrella per se. It is essentially the stroller that you will use to travel. For example, you will have your regular stroller, which is the bigger and heavier stroller, the one you use on an everyday basis.

And then, you’ll have the light stroller for travel, the one you apply for checking in at the airport, storing in your car for that ‘just in case’. This is the one that isn’t used that frequently, but when it is used, it’s ultra-useful to the max.

An umbrella stroller is essentially a lightweight stroller for travel that takes up barely any space and doesn’t weigh very much at all.

We read a lot of the best umbrella stroller for air travel reviews, compared features and prices, and made this simple-to-use table to help you review and choose which is the best light travel stroller for your particular travel fashion. Click on any heading to sort the table consequently.

1.Chicco C6 Stroller, Black

Chicco C6 Stroller, Black

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Chicco is a big-name brand, so you know that you’re getting features for your money here. This picky stroller is available in two different color options and weighs just 11 lb. This makes it a perfect compact stroller for travel and taking anywhere with you, without pressure or strain. The frame is made of strong and tough aluminum and there is a large storage basket, so you can simply take all your extras with you wherever you go too.

The wheels are swivel and lockable, and the padded, five-point security harness ensures extra safety at all times. There is a bear bag included with the purchase, and it is a very simple transportable stroller overall, as well as being quite easy to fresh. You can wipe the outer down with a damp cloth, to freshen the lot up whenever you require to.

2.Summer Infant Travel Stroller 3D Lite

Summer Infant Travel Stroller 3D Lite

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This lightweight umbrella stroller for travel is the perfect answer to those travel plans, and it sure looks the part, too. Made of durable aluminum, the frame weighs just 12 lb, as the seating areas are large and comfy for your little one on the go.

There are four reclining positions, and the harness has five points, to remain him or her safe while you move around. It’s one of the best lightweight strollers that lie down available.

The face wheels have anti-shock technology and the back wheels lock into place. There is a cover on the top for keeping the sun out of small eyes and the sun visor too flips down and outwards. The storage basket on the back is larger than your average.


  • Lightweight for travel
  • Four-position recline
  • Five-point security harness
  • Front wheels have anti-shock technology and back wheels lock into position
  • Sun canopy is adaptable and removable
  • There is a large storage basket at the stern

Safety Features:

  • Auto-lock when closed
  • Five-point safety yoke
  • Anti-shock on front wheels and lockable back wheels

What creates this the best lightweight reclining stroller for travel: Lightweight and spacious

Why you should keep looking: just one storage basket, with no room for water bottles or cell phones, etc.

3.Inglesina USA Net Travel Umbrella Stroller

Inglesina USA Net Travel Umbrella Stroller

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This particular umbrella pram has many qualities that make it ideal for travel. The main one is that when folded up, it stands alone since it has a center stand that remains it from falling over.

On top of this, this is a very lightweight travel stroller, at just 11.2 lb, thus there are no problems with carrying it around. The seat pad is detachable and washable, and there are two recline positions to stay your little one comfortable while on the move.

There is also a shoulder strap that you can use to bear this collapsible stroller for travel when you’re moving from place to place. The big basket is perfect for storing shopping and other items, and the included cup holder adds to the extras.


  • Stands on its own, thanks to a center stand
  • The seat pad is detachable, and you can wash it easily
  • Sun canopy can protect up to UPF 50
  • Two reclining positions
  • Shoulder strap for carrying
  • Large storage basket
  • Cup holder included

Safety features:

  • Simple fold and lockable stands on their own
  • Four-point safety harness
  • Sun canopy is very sturdy and resistant to the sun

What creates this the best folding stroller for travel: It stands up alone, which means it won’t remain falling over while you’re at the check-in desk or waiting to board the plane

Why you should keep looking: The price isn’t as short as some other products

4.Cosatto Supa StrollerCosatto Supa Stroller

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This cute stroller comes in some different designs so that you can beautify your travels! Functionality is also fantastic with this very extremely rated infant travel stroller, and it has four recline positions, which are simply achieved with just one hand.

Additionally, the handle is adjustable so that you can push in comfort. The seating pad is detachable, and you can machine wash it and the stroller generally stands on its own, so no falling over as you’re waiting in line with the stroller folded up.

There are lots of added extras with this reclining travel stroller, which is really what drives the price up. These qualities include an extendable sunshade and an MP3 accessory that fits into the hood. There is also a detachable pocket speaker. The seat’s ergonomically designed and it has padding where your child requires it the most.


  • The seat removes for simple cleaning
  • The stroller stands on its own
  • Four recline positions that are achievable with just one hand
  • Big and extendable sunshade
  • Adaptable handle
  • MP3 attachment and removable pocket speaker
  • Cushioned support

Safety Features:

  • Front wheels lock
  • Four-point safety yoke
  • Locks when folded up

What creates this is the best umbrella stroller for air travel: It has the same number of qualities as a regular stroller

5.Maclaren Triumph Travel StrollerMaclaren Triumph Travel Stroller

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This big-name brand is a name you can be certain of, and that is why it has so many high reviews from earlier users. The price of this Maclaren travel buggy is faintly high, but then you are paying for the name, and it is a very lightweight option, at just 10.8 lb.

This is a stroller that is particularly useful for faintly older babies, so babies who are over the six months’ old mark, and who weigh up to the 55 lb mark. The seat has some recline positions and a support cushion for legs. There is an included rain cover too, and a sun canopy and visor, which also has a storage pocket on the top. The wheels all have high-class suspension for the smoothest of rides.


  • Big-name brand
  • High class and good reviews
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-recline
  • A support pillow for legs
  • Rain cover and sun canopy included
  • A good class suspension on all four wheels

Safety Features:

  • The suspension gives a smoother ride and fewer bumps
  • Four-point security harness
  • Comfort for your child

What creates this one of the best umbrella strollers for travel: Big-name brand and lightweight?

Why you should keep looking: If your kid is younger than six months, or weighs more than 55 lb, this won’t be suitable

6.Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Stroller

Peg Perego Pliko Mini Stroller, Aquamarine

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The major quality of this top umbrella stroller is just how easy it is to apply and collapse down for travel. This one-hand fold umbrella stroller has an adjustable handle, giving you a simple pushing experience. Regarding comfort for your kid, there are three recline positions and accompanying leg rest, as fine as a range of different attractive colors to choose from.

When folded, the stroller stands alone, so no requirement to lay it flat or propped against a wall. The wheels swivel and lock at the front, for a more comfy and smoother ride. This exacting stroller is suitable for a child weighing up to 45 lb.


  • Stands alone simply
  • Collapses down with one hand
  • Adaptable handle
  • Three recline positions and leg rest
  • Many color options
  • Swivel wheels and lockable at the front

Safety Features:

  • Four-point protection harness
  • Lockable front wheels

What makes this the best compact stroller for an infant: Collapses down easily and stores equally as rapidly

Why you should keep looking: Only appropriate for children up to 45 lb

7.UPPAbaby G-LUXE StrollerUPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller

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This is a great baby travel stroller for regular use, and it is simple to steer and maneuver at a similar time. The stroller has a one-action brake function, and it features a tough and solid aluminum frame. There is a removable canopy, which is also height adjustable like your child grows, while the seat pad is detachable and machine washable.

This UPPAbaby G Luxe stroller is perfect for children from 3 months of age, up to 55 lb, so it can speedily grow with your child. There are countless color choices available, and the stroller also reclines into several different positions, to give your child a relaxing journey. The stroller folds up speedily and easily on the go.


  • Available in several different colors
  • Folds up quickly and simply
  • Several recline positions
  • Suitable for kids from 3 months of age, and up to 55lb in weight
  • Removable sun canopy
  • Strong aluminum frame

Safety Features:

  • Folds up into an extremely compact shape, with a carrying strap to make everything easier and safer
  • Four-point security harness

What makes this the best stroller for traveling abroad: appropriate for children who are a little younger, i.e., from three months of age

Why you should keep looking: High price. Even though there are some strollers within this price range, there are also some cheaper ones

8.Pockit Light Compact StrollerPockit Lightweight Stroller

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This is a helpful, stylish, good lightweight stroller to have while traveling around. The stroller has a two-step ruin mechanism and won awards for being one of the most compact choices around.

With a weight of just 9.5 lb, this is a huge stroller for traveling and carrying around with you, but on top of that, it is also extremely strong and made of very durable materials, too. This simple travel stroller is suitable for a child aged from 6 months and is perfect for a weight of up to 55 lb. You can too store up to 11 lb of other items in the stroller’s storage compartment.

In terms of safety, the padded security belt is very secure, so your child will be relaxed and safe at the same time. The pads are also adjustable, so since your child grows, the pads can be changed in terms of height. You can also simply push this particular stroller with one hand and steer simply. The frame is made of strong aluminum and the front wheels are spin and lockable. There is an overhead canopy and the handlebars are also padded for relief and safety.

9.JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella StrollerJOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller

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This is a very funky umbrella stroller, which is lightweight and simple to use. The perk is that this exacting stroller can be used from birth, and is suitable for up to 55 lb in weight, so it is extremely durable and will grow with your child. This makes it a magnificent umbrella stroller for newborns, but also a helpful umbrella stroller for toddlers.

There are some recline points, and it also reclines to near flat in a one-handed action. There are two cup holders and a storage pocket with a zipper to stay your belongings safe.

The stroller weighs 14 lb and has a strong yet still extremely lightweight aluminum frame. Regarding folding up, the stroller folds up simply with one hand, stands on its own, and it has a shoulder strap to permit you to carry it with ease. There are also four color options available. Largely, this is a superb compact umbrella stroller.


  • Four color options
  • Folds up simply and has a carry strap
  • Lightweight at just 14 lb
  • Zippered storage pocket
  • Two cup holders
  • working from birth to 55 lb in weight

Safety Features:

  • Lockable when folded, therefore no trapped fingers
  • Four-point safety harness

What makes this the best small kid stroller for traveling: Low price

Why you should keep looking: Not as lightweight as a few other umbrella strollers on the market

10.Mountain Buggy Nano StrollerMountain Buggy Nano Stroller

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This is a sturdy umbrella stroller, despite that it seems the opposite! Available in six dissimilar colors, the primary perk of this product is that it can be adapted to a car seat, without having to buy extra adapters. This is an extremely compact, lightweight collapsible umbrella stroller, which can be used up to four years of age.

The folding mechanism is easy, with a two-step process, and it can be used as an airplane stroller, meeting all rules. The stroller also arrives with an accompanying travel bag, and there is also a shoulder strap for simple carrying. With several recline positions; this stroller also has a 30% deeper reclined level than a few other products of the same level.


  • 30% deeper recline
  • Some recline position
  • Six different colors available
  • Can be adapted into a car seat, without needing extra adapters
  • Two-step folding mechanism
  • Fits all airline regulations for carry-on
  • contain travel bag and shoulder strap for carrying

Safety Features:

  • Lockable when folded
  • Four-point buckle for security
  • Fits all regulations for airline carry-on

What makes this the best travel stroller for flying: Can be used since a car seat without further adapters and meets all airline regulations

Why you should keep looking: If your kid is over 44 lb, this stroller is not suitable

11.Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight StrollerBaby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller

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This is a pretty and lightweight umbrella stroller that reclines, great to have with you on your travels. Very simple to use from the get-go, this is also a fantastic option if you look for the best lightweight travel strollers is limited by a budget.

The handle is padded and molded for soothing, and there is an organizer tray at the top, so you can simply store your phone, or a cup of coffee (two cup holders) as you’re heading off on your normal business. The parking brake can be activated with either foot and there is too a large storage basket to shop all your belongings and your shopping.

A large canopy remains your little one shaded from the sun, and overall the stroller folds down quickly and simply, without fuss or hassle. The safety harness is also five-point, thus you are reassured that your child is safe and comfortable.

12.Maclaren Techno XT StrollerMaclaren Techno XT Stroller

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Maclaren is known for class, and that is indeed what you get with this exacting product. The high price tag may put some people off, but this Maclaren travel stroller with big canopy is appropriate for newborns and children weighing up to 55 lb.

So, it has some toughness in it, and it will also grow with your kid, thanks to its adjustability. This is a lightweight choice, at just 14.5 lb, and it has a high sun protection factor of UPF 50+.

There are some recline positions, and also an adjustable leg rest, which makes it perfect for many different ages. This rugged umbrella stroller arrives with a wind-resistant rain cover, shoulder pads, a head hugger pad for relieving, and an ID tag. The handles are adjustable for a comfortable push, while the seat fabric is detachable and machine washable.


  • The big-name brand for excellence and peace of mind
  • Suitable for newborns and children up to 55lb in weight
  • Lightweight, at just 14.5 lb
  • High sun protection visor, which is detachable
  • Some recline positions and also an adjustable leg rest
  • Comes with a wind-resistant rain cover
  • There is also an accompanying head hugger pad and shoulder pads
  • Handles regulate for pushing
  • Fabric seat removes and can be machine washed

Safety Features:

  • Five-point security harness
  • Strong and durable frame
  • Sun protection

What makes this the best stroller for airplane travel: some features that many other strollers don’t have

Why you should keep looking: Quite a high price tag

13.Maclaren Mark II Umbrella StrollerMaclaren Mark II Umbrella Stroller

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This is a very reasonable Maclaren product, and it is available in two color choices – silver or pink. The weight of this stroller is super-light, at just 7.4 lb, and it is appropriate for children from six months old, up to 55 lb in weight. The design of the stroller is actually what makes it stand out.

Still, though this is one of the lightest umbrella strollers, it has a hexagonal frame that provides it a stronger core than some other standard frames. The ergonomic linked cable brake system is also unbelievable for both use and safety. The seat reclines, and the mesh back section makes sure your child stays cool and comfortable on the go. Like an extra, there is an included wind-resistant cover, too.


  • Very lightweight
  • Low cost
  • Appropriate up to 55 lb, and from six months of age
  • The hexagonal frame gives extra strength
  • Ergonomic linked cable brake system for security and ease of use
  • Reclining seat with mesh for breathability
  • contain a wind-resistant cover

Safety Features:

  • Ergonomic linked cable brake system
  • Four-point harness

What makes this the best moveable traveling baby stroller: Strong and durable, for a low price?

Why you should keep looking: Not that lots of recline positions

14.Chicco Echo StrollerChicco Echo Stroller

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Everyone knows that Chicco is a big brand in the kid care world. Once again, that should assure you when you’re spending cash. One of the top umbrella strollers on the market, this exacting travel pram has four recline positions, and it also has adaptable leg support too.

There is a rear canopy panel, which gives extra security to hide your child from wind and rain. This part zips off if it’s hot outside and you want to bring in further airflow. There is a mesh storage basket underneath the stroller, while the five-point harness has adaptable and padded shoulder straps. The wheels are high class as well, featuring suspension and a locking swivel mechanism.


  • Big brand
  • Four recline positions
  • Adaptable leg support
  • Rear canopy panel which removes via a strong zip
  • Mesh storage basket
  • Five-point harness
  • High-class wheels with suspension and locking swivel

Safety Features:

  • Five-point safety harness

What makes this the best umbrella stroller for travel: High-class wheels that swivel, making this easy to fold away, but also simple to move around

Why you should keep looking: Not very frivolous compared to some other strollers

15.Chicco Liteway Plus StrollerChicco Liteway Plus Stroller

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Again, Chicco is a big named brand, and this exacting stroller has many favorable choices. Available in just a silver shade, this is a stroller that also combines into a car seat carrier, without the required to purchase any extra adapters at a further cost. The seat adjusts with just one hand and changes into no fewer than five different recline positions.

There is an adaptable canopy that adjusts and that can be removed. The rear panel zips away and has a peek-a-boo window, so you can simply see what is going on as you push your child around. The stroller folds up quickly and simply for both travel and storage at home.


  • Adaptable into a car seat carrier, without any further adapters being needed
  • Five different recline situations, with just one hand mechanism
  • Adjustable and removable canopy
  • Folds up quickly and simply

Safety Features:

  • Five-point harness for security
  • Peek-a-boo window in the canopy

What creates this the best stroller for travel: Can be changed into a car seat without having to buy extra adapters

Why you should keep looking: Not that much storage space beneath the stroller

16.Lugabug Travel SeatLugabug Travel Seat

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This is a travel seat that can be used as an option for an airport stroller. It can happily fit the front of your suitcase, and your child can sit and be transported around the airport!

The seat is low cost and extremely efficient, made of very sturdy nylon. There are top and side straps to hold the seat steadily to the case, and it is also ultra-comfortable for your child.

This is a perfect alternative if you don’t desire to splash the cash on one of these best strollers for air travel, It folds up little and compact, so you can easily take it with you anywhere. This is appropriate for children who are two years or older, and for a maximum weight of 60 lb.


  • A great option for an umbrella stroller
  • Folds up very small and compact, and is ultra-lightweight
  • Fits into carry-on luggage with strong and tough straps
  • Suitable for two-year-old children, up to 60lb in weight

Safety Features:

  • Strong straps that hold the seat to your bear-on luggage

What makes this the best alternative for umbrella strollers for travel: Very lightweight, a great option to a traditional umbrella stroller

Why you should keep looking: If your kid is younger than two years, this product is not suitable

17.Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Compact Fold Flat StrollerKolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Compact Fold Flat Stroller

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Thanks to an ultra-compact fold and remarkably lightweight design, this umbrella travel stroller is perfect for day trips and longer travel journeys. Its four all-terrain wheels and front suspension make any ride comfortable and smooth for both your kid and yourself.

While you’re strolling during the park or on city streets, a 5-point adjustable harness remains your little one safe and secure. The multi-position reclining seat proffers even more comfortable to your child. Note that the seat doesn’t recline completely flat, though.

Other fun and helpful features of this well-equipped compact stroller for travel is the three-fold canopy, which proffers great sun protection, a parent tray with two drink holders, and a big storage basket underneath. the stroller also folds up small and has a convenient one-hand fold-up system.


  • Super-lightweight: only 11.8 lbs
  • Reclining seat
  • Three-fold comprehensive canopy for UV protection
  • Large storage basket
  • The suitable one-hand fold system

Safety Features:

  • The reclining seat has an adaptable 5-point safety harness

What makes this the best compact travel stroller: extremely lightweight, folds up small, and lots of qualities

Why you should keep looking: The seat doesn’t completely recline

How Does An Umbrella Stroller Compare To A Regular Stroller?

A regular stroller is frequently heavier and bigger than an umbrella stroller and may have more qualities. Having said that, many new umbrella strollers on the market these days are not short on qualities while retaining that lightweight, compact, and simple-to-fold-up rule that comes with this type of equipment.

While an umbrella stroller wills never completely replace a regular stroller, it is fantastic for certain uses. Given your child is relaxed and happy there; an umbrella stroller can be used for a myriad of conditions, including travel.

Why Is An Umbrella Stroller Best For Travel?

We’ve previously answered this question, but it’s worth reiterating for completeness: an umbrella stroller is lightweight, dense, and folds up quickly. This means that when you are traveling, particularly on a plane, you can apply the umbrella stroller around the airport, and then check it in at the exit gate, without worrying about weight or how it folds up.

An umbrella stroller for infants is also a huge piece of equipment to have in your car, since again, it’s small and light, and it’s there if you need it.

What to seem For When Purchasing An Umbrella Travel Stroller


Not all umbrella strollers recline, but many do. This is a very helpful feature to have because it means your child is more probable to rest and sleep inside the stroller, than the rider it is bolt upright at all times. If you don’t have a reclining umbrella stroller, this isn’t the finish of the world, because, for short journeys, an easy one-seat position should be more than adequate.


Check out the safety qualities of the stroller before making a purchase. For instance, when it folds down, is there a safety catch to make sure it stays in place? You don’t desire to trap little fingers! Check out umbrella travel stroller reviews and read the little print regarding safety.


How small the stroller folds down tells you how simple it will be to store and how you can store it. Some umbrella strollers for babies collapse down very small indeed, but some of the older models only collapse into a straight line. Other strollers also arrive with a storage bag, which is helpful for travel and general storage overall.


This is important because you require knowing if your child’s age is suitable. This is something you will require to check against the finicky stroller you’re thinking of buying. You should also check our previous point in this category, regarding how little it collapses down when folded.


One of the main perks of an umbrella stroller is that it is dense, and also that it is lightweight, which is what makes it so huge for travel. Some are lighter than others, so shop around in this regard. Umbrella stroller weight is our last vital aspect to consider when deciding on the best umbrella stroller for travel.


Is travel stroller necessary?

A stroller may be appropriate, depending on where you’ll be going. You’ll want a break from wearing a kid if you expect to go out shopping and sightseeing all day!

What is a travel system stroller?

Basically, a travel device is a full-size, stand-alone stroller with a compatible baby car seat that clips on (big) wheels in the stroller while you’re on foot or in the car.

How do I choose a travel system stroller?

When you purchase a baby travel device, you must first pick the car seat. The car seat will keep your new baby healthy in the car, while strollers provide comfort. By choosing travel systems with car seats that fit tightly in your vehicle and that you can effectively mount and use, narrow down your options quickly.


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