Best Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Review-Umbrella For Stroller

Best Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Review

With so many strollers available, it can be challenging for parents to find the best one for their families requires. The Baby Jogger City Mini stroller is a very popular option among parents. Thanks to its compact size that doesn’t skimp out on features and accessories. It proffers all the performance and convenience of a full-size stroller, except in a lightweight and compact package.

The Baby Jogger brand is known for its high-class strollers that are a favorite among parents for their capability to grow with families, tackle any terrain, are incredibly maneuverable, and simple to fold and store. The City Mini model is no exception, and can yet be used as a complete travel system (with car seat and adapter) for use from birth.

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Moms adore that this stroller can fold with one hand, is small enough to store in a closet, is simple to carry, and is less expensive than other similar strollers.

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Who It’s For

The Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller has been kindly designed for urban-dwelling families. Its three-wheel design makes it simple to maneuver through tight spots, and the puncture-proof EVA wheels and front delay system provide a smooth ride over rough sidewalks. With an MSRP starting at $260, the cost is well within reach for most families. If budget is a true concern, you can often get previous years models at reduced rates, or score a sweet deal in a local buy/sell/trade group.

Why We Love It

Thank to its 16.8-pound weight, the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller is best-suited for families who do lots of walking and require all the features of a full-size stroller but in a lighter and extra compact package. Its 50-pound weight limit and compatibility with all the main car seat brands means that this just might be the only stroller your family requires. And, with an MSRP of less than $200, it’s amazingly affordable.

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

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The Baby Jogger City Mini stroller arrives with a lot of great features:

  • Large UV 50+ sun canopy to protect your child
  • Two peek-a-boo windows thus you can keep an eye on your little one
  • One-handed fold with auto-lock
  • The seat reclines to nearly flat — ideal for naps on the go!
  • Can accept a glider board for older siblings
  • Locking front swivel wheel
  • Back storage pocket
  • comfy, rounded handlebar
  • Padded adjustable five-point safety harness
  • The biggest objection about the Baby Jogger City Mini is that its under-seat storage basket is on the smaller side and that it’s hard to get items in and out.
  • All accessories sold singly, including car seat adapter and parent console

What Moms Say

We used the [Baby Jogger] City Mini for daily travel and it was superb. Super light and very maneuverable, particularly in tight spaces. It’s perfect for shopping… We don’t regret spending extra on the City Mini at all and will use it with baby #2.” — Achampion23

“[With the] City Mini, I have no doubts! Fits into my trunk with room to spare, I use it when I walk the dogs, go to Costco, Target, etc. It is light, can be folded with one hand, and opened with one hand. So I highly suggest [it], if you can’t tell. The sunshade is remarkable, covers the baby [entirely]!” —Mcgruffies

“I have the City Mini and I love it. It’s truly convenient and so easy to clean, folds up extremely compact also. While you’re using the infant seat you can actually snap off the toddler part and just use the frame, makes it yet more lightweight.” —ColtieCartersMama+1otw

The Verdict

The Baby Jogger City Mini stroller is a good option for urban families who want the size of an umbrella stroller but with all the qualities of a full-size stroller. It grows with your child and your family, and the tough materials mean it should stand up to multiple years of use. We too love that this stroller can accept almost any brand of infant car seat with an adapter. The company’s high level of customer service.

Where to Buy

The Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller is available from Amazon in some different color options starting at $169, depending on which color you decide.

Special Feature to look

Folding And Carrying

Holding a squirmy toddler as trying to fold a stroller can be an exercise in frustration, but 75 percent of our parent testers sturdily agreed the Baby Jogger City Mini GT was simple to fold, even one-handed. Our editors found this fold easy, too: just pull upward on the “pull to fold” handle located in the seat and watch as the stroller exactly bends backward to fold itself in half.

Ensuring the under-seat storage is empty and the adaptable handle is in the lowest position makes it a smaller package. Unfolding it is similarly easy: pop the frame out of the “auto-lock” lever and pull up on the hold to snap the frame back into position.

This stroller’s folding handle doubles as a carry handle, while at a little over 22 pounds and 29 inches tall when folded. The City Mini GT isn’t the least and lightest of the urban strollers we tested (while it isn’t the largest or heaviest, either). Yet, all but one of our parent testers told us it’s easy to carry this stroller when folded. City parents with access to a car will be pleased to hear that nearly all testers were able to simply fit the folded City Mini GT in the trunk of their vehicle.


Thanks to its quite compact size and three-wheel design, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is a wind to push and takes corners like a pro. In our lab testing, the City Mini GT performed very well: it’s simple to steer with one or two hands. It is a soft ride on several surfaces, including gravel, grass, and over curbs.

One of our parent testers supposed the stroller’s size also made it great for maneuvering busy city streets and public transit. Although opinions were lukewarm on how simple it was to use when transit was crowded, particularly during rush hour. (Although, honestly, your best bet for a busy public transit-affable stroller would be an umbrella.)

If it’s easier to walk than take the bus, the excellent news is the City Mini GT’s rubber-coated foam tires were deemed high class by our lab and parent testers, and the front wheel—which has a bit of cushioning suspension—can be locked in position for better riding over rough terrain. (Note: yet though it has a lockable front wheel, the City Mini GT is not suitable for jogging.)


The City Mini GT is ideal for life in the city, as it’s fairly compact and narrow. It is very simple to maneuver through busy streets and public transit. Its wheels are huge at navigating different types of terrain and are completely worth the extra money.” —Vanessa, mom of one

Pushing this stroller is also comfy, regardless of your height. Thanks to an adaptable handlebar that can be rotated up or down by compressing two buttons on either side of the handle. Most of our parent testers sturdily agreed the cushioned handlebar felt fine in their hands. One mom noted that despite 10-inch height diversity between herself and her husband. They could each push the stroller comfortably.


Engaging and releasing the brake is and hands-only matters, saving your toes from the dreaded scrape of the foot brake through sandal season. To lock, flip up the lever located on the side of the stroller frame just under the handle. To release, pull the lever up toward you to disengage the brake, and then fold the lever down away from you, parallel to the frame.

Recline And Leg Rest

The leg rest on the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is fixed in one position. Our testers found their kids were capable of ride comfortably thanks to the variable seatback. Which can be moved from fully upright to an almost-flat recline using a tether-style adjuster. To change the recline position, you just have to pinch the toggle and slide it up or down the nylon strap. Then free the toggle to lock it in place.


For a compact stroller, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT proffers a pretty impressive canopy. Our parent testers were unanimous in sturdily agreeing that the canopy gives good protection from the elements, including sun and rain. They weren’t concerned their children would overheat under the fabric.

Your little one’s lower legs and feet will be out in the open, although. So a weather shield (sold separately) might be a fine idea for rainy days, and sun protection is a must in warmer weather. When you want to test in on your kiddo, there are two large peek-a-boo windows in the canopy (sure, two!). But it’s worth noting that the Velcro closures and the clear rustle of fabric, when opening or closing the canopy, could wake an evenly sleeping little one.


It’s a fact: strollers get filthy. While the canopy is usually safe from the brunt of the abuse, those seat covers require a good wash every once in a while. All of our parent testers agreed that spot-cleaning the canopy and seat fabric was simple. But when a fast once-over just doesn’t cut it. The seat cover for the Baby Jogger City Mini GT can be removed and fearful in your washing machine on a cold-water cycle using mild detergent.

since the cover can’t be put in the dryer (or ironed—but gravely, who irons their stroller seat covers?!). Baby Jogger suggests putting the cover back on the stroller when it’s damp and allowing it to air dry in place. It is easy as long as you don’t require your stroller before the cover dries.

Removing the cover engages unsnapping the fabric from the frame (a bit of an attempt), unthreading all straps and the folding handle, and removing the backing board from the seat. Our parent testers were evenly divided on how easy this is. With half sturdily agreeing that removing and washing the cover was simple, and the other half strongly disagreeing.

It’s a great all-around stroller. If you were just going to have one stroller. This is the one I would go with.” — Gloria, mom of one

Storage And Accessories

Parent testers felt the Baby Jogger City Mini GT’s under-seat storage basket is on the little side. A few couldn’t fit their diaper bag in the basket and others had trouble getting it in and out. That said, this is an ordinary trade-off with a more compact stroller.

A handy zippered compartment in the canopy provides you a place to stow your phone and keys, and for extra storage. Baby Jogger sells a “parent console” with two beverage holders and a middle pouch that can be attached to the handlebar. Other add-ons contain a bug cover, bumper bar, and a swing-out tray. Which can be left in place still when the stroller is folded.

If you’re going to have the Baby Jogger City Mini GT as your main stroller for use from day one. You’ll require to invest in either a bassinette (the Compact Pram or Deluxe Pram) or car seat adapters. Thus you can turn the stroller into a travel system with the use of your infant car seat—observe Tech Specs above for compatibility. But with an upper weight limit of 65 pounds, four shoulder strap positions, and kind seat dimensions. The good news is that you can use the Baby Jogger City Mini GT well into the preschool years.


A good harness is a safety must, and you don’t desire to have to struggle to get it done up or undone each time you buckle your babe into her stroller or take her out of it. Across the board, our lab and parent checkers found the five-point harness on the Baby Jogger City Mini GT simple to use, with a responsive buckle that felt safe. Adjusting the tightness of the straps is a breeze. But changing the height of the shoulder straps engages removing the backing board in the seat and re-threading the harness. Which takes a bit of a period and isn’t particularly easy.

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Is Baby Jogger City Mini suitable for newborn children?

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT (2016-2019) can be used from birth because of its compatibility with infant car seats. For parents who often drive with their baby and need a stroller that will make for fast transfers from car to stroller, it’s also a great choice. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT (2016-2019) can be used from birth because of its compatibility with infant car seats. For parents who often drive with their baby and need a stroller that will make for fast transfers from car to stroller, it’s also a great choice.

What age can a baby go in a City Mini stroller?

Six months of age 

The City Micro, City Mini Double, City Mini GT, City Mini GT Double, City Elite, Summit X3 and Summit X3 Double are compatible with the Lightweight Pram. For your infant, newborn-6 months of age, it turns your stroller into a cozy and trendy pram.

Is the City Mini a jogging stroller?

No, the Baby Jogger City Mini range is not equipped for jogging or biking, like the City Mini 2, City Mini GT, and City Mini GT2 single and double strollers. … Despite the brand name, however, most of the many existing strollers offers from Baby Jogger are not meant for use while jogging or running.



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